Road Trip Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

How do you take the stress out of traveling? Here are some of the best road trip hacks for ultimate comfort.

A road trip is the best way to discover a new destination. The freedom of the open road and that feeling as you soar through the countryside with the wind in your hair and your favorite song blasting through the car is amazing. Stopping at road side cafes and every little gem that takes your fancy. How do you take the stress out of traveling? Here are some of the best road trip hacks for ultimate comfort.

Plan Packing

Nothing is worse than stopping halfway into a road trip and realizing that your sunglasses are in the bag in the deepest, darkest corner of your trunk, packed beneath a tower of other bags, bedding, food and travel accessories. Before you leave, take some care to pack your car wisely. First, pack anything that isn’t essential or that you’re unlikely to need on the journey. Leave the essentials like first-aid kit and the snacks at the top of your bags and near the doors where they’re easily accessible in times of need. And of course, make sure those sunglasses are in the glove box or other nearby area to the driver’s seat.

Get Your Car Ready

You should always give your car an all-round check before any journey, but even more so before a long road trip. Check that your fuel tank is full, your tires are pumped, test your brakes and check the oil and other fluids. Don’t forget to check the spare tire for proper inflation, this often goes overlooked. Lastly, don’t forget some wet wipes, you’ll thank me later for this last suggestion.

Have Some Rest

If you’re not the driver, you can afford to use your time on long road trips to sit back, relax and catch up on some sleep. However, getting comfortable is easier said than done. You may have tried travel blankets or those soft U-shaped pillows which are designed to support your neck, but my long search for the . These use a combination of cooling gel and airflow to keep you cool and comfortable for hours at a time. Now, the days of getting hot and sticky in a stuffy vehicle are a thing of the past.

Pack Emergency Kit

Keep a kit somewhere in the main cabin of your car to help you out in a variety of emergencies. This should be more than just a first aid kit: this is an emergency kit for all aspects of life. You can include everything from painkillers and a bottle of water to a portable phone charger and a flashlight. Don’t forget to include a card with some important phone numbers and some spare cash to save your skin if you run out of gas. Also consider; some basic tool, duct tape, flairs, fire starter, jumper cables, straps and maybe some rope.

Staying Connected On Road

You’d be surprised at how much data can be used up on a long road trip, especially if you use GPS and stream music while you drive. If you can, plan ahead by downloading music to keep you entertained, take screenshots of any important information, familiarize yourself with the route, and even consider taking along a traditional map to help you find your way. One trick while using your GPS is to get the route loaded, but then close the navigation when you have a long stretch to drive. In other words, don’t leave Google Maps running for hours on end if you don’t need it.

Eating Smart

Long road trips can mean regular eating out, and whether you’re traveling alone or in a group the cost of this adds up very quickly. Being a smart road tripper is all about finding good deals – including on your food. Loads of towns have community kitchen concepts, where you either pay what you can afford or do some cleaning up afterward. You’ll get good meals while keeping costs down, and you’re guaranteed to share a unique experience with some inspirational locals.

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